Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Practicing Chinese writing

A New Library - Or how to change your library without really trying

Could our library have seen more changes the past year? From the addition of the new Scholar's coffee Cafe in the front of the Hazy Library & Learning Center to the URI - Undergraduate Research Institute.

It hasn't come without alot of hard work: This summer alone, a team of 6 helped take out more than a dozen shelves to consolidate the book collection and move the magazine racks on the way to enlarging the footprint and creating collaborative space for students and faculty. It's all good!



URI collaborative Space

Increasingly, caffeinated students, faculty and even the local public find their way to the library ASK desk (AKA 'reference desk' in a past life), getting help with everything from using the printers to finding books and e-books in the YLN catalog. 

Nighttime finds students sitting around tables, eating, lounging ,working together. Different is hardly the word for it - a new environment is more like it - people working together!


Monday, July 11, 2011

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Could it have been easier? For the ERAU Prescott Hazy Library & Learning Center